See why…

The Ohio Soil Health Symposium story starts like this…

Once Upon a Time, some scientists realized the world below ground was trying to survive, and even thrive, because of the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil. They shared this news with some people that like to learn new things and the excitement couldn’t be contained! A Soil Health movement has been growing around the U.S.and now is circling Ohio. When you add Biological knowledge to what we’ve know about the Physical and Chemical interactions of soil the Soil Health Circle begins.


Add in the people who have, for generations, worked in and with the soil, and the Soil Health circle comes to life with people. It’s simple to see how these three different soil-dependent groups of people are interconnected. Farmer, Advisors and Industry reps also NEED each other as Ohio explores the new frontier of the Soil Health Circle!


When the final living resources are added to the Soil Health Circle and the Triangle of People the impact can be exclaimed across all of the land…we want a HEALTHY Ohio and HEALTHY food!


Soil Health is the simple solution. The hard part is learning how to build it. Gather as we learn and explore together.  The story doesn’t end here…it’s really just getting started at the inaugural #OSHS17. Thanks to keynote, Jay Fuhere, North Dakota NRCS, the day was great for the soil resource in Ohio!

#OSHS18 was a success with more farmers, more grazing, more soil health-conscious vendors! Keynote Doug Peterson, Missouri & Iowa NRCS, made sure that guests ask enough why’s to solve our farm’s problems.

#OSHS19 will be moved to Shelby, Ohio and Ashland, Knox, Holmes and Wayne SWCD’s will be joining in the planning committee!! TONS of ways to find answers and conduct your own research will be the focus in 2019. Sarah Carlson, keynote will share long-term research results from Practical Farmers of Iowa’s members when using cover crops.

#OSHS20 promises to build on the last three years of success AND add a twist with more farmers and discussion topics! Barry Fisher, Indiana State Soil Health Specialist from NRCS will create a very simple plan for all farms to improve their resilience to markets, weather, critical neighbors and pests!